Round 014: Author's Choice!

Sign-ups are now closed! IDs will be sent out shortly, thank you!!

Welcome to Round 014 of blind_go/[community profile] blind_go!! Hikaru's birthday won't celebrate itself, so it's time to get ready!! For this round, it's:

Author's Choice!

There are no limitations/parameters on the content or focus of your fics. It's up to you!

As an additional note... this round, we are experimenting with mirroring the challenge on both livejournal and dreamwidth. In order to determine the most effective way to continue in the future, please make all comments to the community only on the platform which you use more/like better/prefer. In other words, if you use dreamwidth more, please sign up on the dreamwidth community, and post your guesses to the dreamwidth community. This will give us the data we need to move forward. There is more information within, so please read everything!! Thank you!!

What's it about!
  • Author's Choice... Your call!
  • All fics will be due by 11:55 pm AKDT Thursday, September 19th. This time is approximate, however. The deadline will be official when a post is made to the community that says the deadline has passed.

  • You can use this link to find the time of the deadline in your timezone

  • When your fic is submitted, you will get a brief reply to assure that it was received. This reply should come in under 12 hours. As long as your fic is submitted before the post declaring the passing of the deadline, and you receive confirmation, then all is fine. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please PM a mod (on LJ, on DW, or ask on tumblr).

  • Fics not received by the deadline cannot be added in afterword because this is a blind challenge, so the late added fic and author would obviously be paired together. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Fics will be posted to answer_key on September 20th, Hikaru's birthday, as soon as possible
Sign Ups?
  • Sign up to this post with your:

    • LJ/DW/other username: (in other words, the name you use online that we will use in the reveal)

    • Email:

    • Writing archive: (can be a link to LJ/DW memories, a fic LJ/DW, or a separate site)

    • Would you prefer the fics to be posted to one answer-key journal, or both? If just one, please specify whether you prefer the fics to be hosted on dreamwidth or livejournal?
      We are asking because we are wondering if people would prefer, for the sake of tracking comments, all the fics to be in one place, and if so, whether you want them on answer_key or [personal profile] answer_key

  • Sign ups will close August 31st

  • A unique ID will be sent to everyone who signs up shortly after sign ups close
  • Email all fic to be submitted to

  • Fics should be attached in .txt format (plain text tutorial)

  • In the subject line of the email, please include:
    • Writer's user ID

    • Title

  • In the body of the email, please include:
    • Title:

    • ID:

    • Word count:

    • Themes used: Only if themes are used

  • Multiple fics can be submitted in one email, or in several, whichever works for you

  • Collaborations are allowed; please be sure to include the user ID of both authors in the email along with the Title and Word Count

  • Fics should include all HTML tags for formatting; the mods will make a cursory check of all fics during posting, but will not be able to format your fic during posting
Fic Guidelines?
  • All fics must be for the Hikaru no Go fandom (Crossovers and AUs are allowed as long as the writing features Hikaru no Go characters)

  • Word Count for this round is 1500 - 8000 words

  • Writers can submit up to five fics
  • There will be Themesets provided again this round

  • Writers can choose to use a theme/themeset or not

  • Writers who chose to use theme/themesets will be eligible for a theme prize

  • More details will about the Theme Challenge here: on LJ, on DW
  • Once the posting of the fics is done, a list of participating authors will be posted, and guesses as to who wrote what will be accepted in a screened post

  • The Guessing period will be open until September 29th, 11:59pm ET, and All Will Be Revealed on September 30th, as early as we can

  • Until the guessing period is over, authors should not reveal themselves, but are welcome to leave hints or accept guesses of their own

  • The Reveal Post will include winners for the theme challenge, guessing, the ID challenge, and for commenting. Therefore, if authors wish to be included in all those categories, they should sign their anon comments to fics with their author ID.

And don't forget about kifu_archive, which will have all sorts of fun ways to socialize with your fellow blind goers!

Questions? Post them here, or contact a mod: trixie (on LJ, on DW, ask on tumblr, or email) or blue_cage (on LJ, on DW, or email).

If there's any confusion or questions regarding the mirroring process, or if you have any thoughts or suggestions, please let us know!!! This community exists for you, after all!

Thank you!! And happy ficcing!!!
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Well I enjoyed myself so much last time that I'm definitely going this again!

LJ/DW/other username: zenelly

Email: purkleyoshi [AT]

Writing archive: Here on Ao3

Would you prefer the fics to be posted to one answer-key journal, or both? Honestly, using either one is fine by me, though I do tend to frequent LJ more than DW
I have been talked back into this. :) It's been awhile!

Name: Akichan
Archive: Note: Some fics are still locked. My bad. I will work at unlocking them this week. Or you can friend me. Whatever works :)

I prefer Livejournal. Because I am old and change is scary. :)
I am hesitantly signing up for this round, but there are a lot of things going on atm, so I'm not promising anything, okay? XD

LJ/DW/other username:verloren1983

Email: verloren1983 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Writing archive:

Would you prefer the fics to be posted to one answer-key journal, or both? If just one, please specify whether you prefer the fics to be hosted on dreamwidth or livejournal?: I'm on both, honestly, so I don't have a particular preference. Whatever is easier, how about that? :P
I am also hesitantly signing up for this round.

LJ Name: Leilia
Email: Ladylarkrune at gmail dot com
Writing archive:

I'd prefer LJ. Dreamwidth and I don't play well with each other. Also I'm really old and change is really scary.
...okay, I just got bit by a bunny, so I'm in. >.<

  • macey_muse / macey on DW
  • englishmace at
  • both is fine!
  • Eep! I didn't see this go up! Excitement!!

    LJ/DW/other username: daisy-chan/daisyface/daisydiversions

    Writing archive: daisydiversions @ AO3

    Would you prefer the fics to be posted to one answer-key journal, or both? AO3? :D I'm actually pretty indifferent. Posting to DW might encourage more people to more over, but may discourage people who aren't there from commenting, which is already an issue, so.....
    Username: issen4
    ETA: Email is: issen.llo @
    Archive: at LJ

    Edited at 2013-08-31 02:05 pm (UTC)
    There's about 8% chance that I'll write anything. But just in case

    username: benebu (on both LJ and DW)
    writing archive: list of stuff I've written:

    Posting on either or both sites is okay. LJ is my main journal but I have a DW account and I'm familiar enough with the site to use the tracking options.
    Um... just a quick question/clarification. Friday is the 20th this year. I am assuming you meant Thursday the 19th by 11:55pm Alaskan time?, i have some sort of massive head trauma when it comes to dates/times. yes, it is thursday. fortunately, the link has the correct date/time/etc. i will fix this. thank you!!