Mini-Round 004: Summer Heat! Reveal!

Time for the reveal to Mini-Round 004: Summer Heat! It's been hot 'n' fast, which is just how some people like it. ^_~ So, without further ado...

Our Authors!

Hikaru no Aisukuriimu
Of Heat and Death

The Games of Summer


sweat drop down my

Taking the heat

[personal profile] daisyface

[personal profile] troisroyaumes

The Moment

Road Trip
Cherry Popsicle


Thank you to everyone for such a great, fast round!

Best Guesser
Congratulations to KRIM and [personal profile] troisroyaumes, each with 6 correct out of a possible 8 (75%)! Honorable mention to verloren1983, with 5 correct out of 8 possible (62.5%), and tuuli_chan, with 5 correct out of 9 possible (55.6%).

ID Challenge
Congratulations to KRIM, who correctly guessed that this round's IDs were Characters from Phineas and Ferb!! Great job!

Feedback Challenge
Congratulations to [personal profile] troisroyaumes who commented to all the fics save her own! Honorable mention to lanerose, who commented to 7 fics!

Because of the quickness of this round, there won't be specific prizes for winners (though, if any of the winners would like a two-day guess pass to crunchyroll, let trixie know, she has a few piled up), however we do have a general banner to celebrate the summer fun!

 photo bgsummerheatwin.png

A very special thank you to verloren1983 for organizing all the fun on kifu_archive, despite this round being a surprise for her as much as anyone else!!! Thankyou!!

AND ONCE AGAIN, THANK YOU to all participants, whether through writing, reading, commenting, cheering, chatting... Right after this post, we're going to post a feedback post. Please stick around to comment on that. Thank you!! See you soon!!
...holy crap, i am AWESOME at counting. ok, fixed that!! *stares at countin' hand and wonders how i missed that* and no worries, that's WAY better than i've ever been at guessing, ha.

woo that was fun! altho i didn't realize until after commenting that we were supposed to sign our comments, haha. BUT THAT'S OK
it's ALL about the fun!! glad you enjoyed!! ^_^

heh, wellll. it's personal preference, really, but for counting comments for the feedback "prize" it can be helpful. ^_~

yeah i didn't even know that existed haha, but that's ok too XD i prolly still would have commented the same amount, heh.
In case I forgot to say it previously, thank you! for running things. ^_^
XD Ahaha, foiled by the three-sentence fic! /shakes fist

Thank you so much for organizing this round! <3
Hey, thanks for running this challenge! I was trying to consider how to get into HnG fic, and this was a perfect opening ^^ I enjoyed myself a lot, even if I was too nervous to comment on anyone else's fic ahahahaaaaa
It's okay, we don't bite unless you ask! BG definitely works well as an introduction, so you made a good choice there. ^_~ I'd love to see you (and your fic) around more.
With how enamored I am of these characters, I can safely say that I'll be hanging around to participate again!
Thanks for arranging this again! It's always so much fun. And congrats to the winners!