Mini-Round 004: Summer Heat!

Many, many apologies for the missed two rounds. Here's hoping that no such thing will ever happen again and that this great community will continue to enjoy the challenge for a long time to come!!

Anyone feel up to some speed go?!?!?? Welcome to Mini-Round 004: Summer Heat!

What's it about!
  • Summer Heat!... Anything and everything related to summer and/or heat is fair game!

  • This is Speed Go, or FlashFic... in other words, a short deadline

  • All fics must focus or include the theme Summer Heat in some fashion or another.
  • All fics will be due by July 23rd, at 11:55 pm. This time is approximate, however. The deadline will be official when a post is made to the community that says the deadline has passed.

  • When your fic is submitted, you will get a brief reply to assure that it was received. This reply should come in under 12 hours. As long as your fic is submitted before the post declaring the passing of the deadline, and you receive confirmation, then all is fine. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please PM a mod.

  • Fics not received by the deadline cannot be added in afterword because this is a blind challenge, so the late added fic and author would obviously be paired together. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Fics will be posted to answer_key on Wednesday, July 24th as soon as possible
Sign Ups?
  • Due to the nature of this Mini-Round, sign ups are not necessary

  • You are encouraged, however, to post your intention to participate in this post, and also any other Mini-Round related commenting you would like!

  • You do not need to have a livejournal to participate. Any and all entries are welcome.

  • Because there are no sign ups, you will not be sent out an ID as per normal. IDs will be assigned at the time of posting, and you will be able to find your ID because it will be attached to your fic/s
  • Email all fic to be submitted to

  • Fics should be attached in .txt format (plain text tutorial)

  • In the body of the email, please include:
    • Title:

    • Writer's user ID:

    • Word count:

    • if applicable, a Writing Archive for your work (solely to help with guessing)

  • Multiple fics can be submitted in one email, or in several, whichever works for you

  • Collaborations are allowed; please be sure to include the user ID of both authors in the email along with the Title and Word Count

  • Fics should include all HTML tags for formatting; the mods will make a cursory check of all fics during posting, but will not be able to format your fic during posting
Fic Guidelines?
  • All fics must be for the Hikaru no Go fandom (Crossovers and AUs are allowed as long as the writing features Hikaru no Go characters)

  • Word Count for this round is 100 to 10,000 words!

  • Writers can submit as many fics as they like!!

  • All fics must be focused on or include the theme Summer Heat!

  • There will be no supplied themes as this is a Mini-Round for FlashFic, but feel free to seek out support and suggestions either here in this post or in kifu_archive
  • Once the posting of the fics is done, a list of participating authors will be posted, and guesses as to who wrote what will be accepted in a screened post

  • The Guessing period will be open until July 30th, 11:59pm ET, and All Will Be Revealed on July 31rst, as early as we can

  • Until the guessing period is over, authors should not reveal themselves, but are welcome to leave hints or accept guesses of their own
Final Note!
  • Once again, if fewer than five authors submit fics, then the Guessing Period will be omitted, and fics will be posted with the author's identified

Questions? Post them here, send a PM (trixie or blue_cage), or email (trixie or blue_cage)!

Thank you!! And happy fastficcing!!!
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Gah, I'm so happy to see action here, but I've got work every single day until 23rd... we'll see if I manage to do something. 100 words shouldn't be impossible, right....
if it works out that you can get something done, i know i wouldn't be the only person who'd be happy!! like you said, it's only 100 words...!
You know, I just got into this whole fandom, so clearly there's no time like the present to get started on fanfiction, right? I'll see if I can't give it a shot!
i could NOT agree with you more!! welcome to fandom, and welcome to blind go!! *makes room on the couch for you to get comfy!!*
Well, since it's drabbles...... I'll see if I can't turn something out for midnight. =D