Mini-Round 003: Reveal

It's been a fast round, but that was the whole point! A huge thanks and round of applause for everyone who participated in this mini-round! And now, as quick as we can, of course...


Approaching Spring

Ghost of a ghost

Day Out

Last Hamlet of Feeling

Tsuki no Go

Girl Talk

The Trouble with Tournaments

A Different Kind of Game
All In Good Time

An allusion to the Davinyls
We call ourselves lovers

vitesse and luas
qem_chibati and blue_cage
The Sushi Incident (Version 42)

House of Go

Five Reasons Hikaru Frustrates Akira
The Vending Machine
Dr. Horrible's Go Blog

overheard in the key of green

For all our participants, writers, readers, enjoyers of all forms... we want to say...

And now, for something just as incredible and amazing...

Best Guesser
We have something with this mini-round that we've NEVER had before in the HISTORY of blind_go... For the first time in a fic round, not one, but TWO people were able to guess ALL of the authors perfectly. Yes, that's right, with 100%, the best guessers are tuuli_chan AND lacygrey!!!! The previous highest correct percentage in a fic round was 68%, and this round, we have TWO perfect guessers. Amazing!! Congratulations, tuuli_chan and lacygrey, who we guess can now be called... Detectives!!!

ID Challenge
Congratulations to lucathia_rykatu, who correctly guessed that this round's IDs were different translations of "speed"! Great job!

Feedback Challenge
Congratulations to littlerhymes, who commented to 8 fics! Honorable mention to qem_chibati, who commented to 7 fics!

Winners can PM or email blue_cage about images to be used in their prize banners. If you don't have an image, then tell her your preferred characters and she'll look for them. ALSO, winners of the previous round, lacygrey (guessing and theme), invitan (ID challenge), hostilecrayon (feedback), tuuli_chan (honorable mention, guessing), verloren1983 (honorable mention, theme), and onkoona (honorable mention, theme), blue_cage will also be making banners for your prizes, as stillskies suffered a catastrophic computer wipeout, ack!

ONCE AGAIN, THANK YOU to all participants, whether through writing, reading, commenting, cheering, chatting... the whole shebang!! We look forward to seeing you all again... soon!... in the next regular round, for Hikago day!! seems it's a good thing I didn't change my initial guesses then. xD I was sure I'd got a few of them wrong.

Should we also resend pics for the previous round's banners? Heh, I wonder which pic I sent then.... ^^ Anyway, I'll try to contact blue_cage soon, but we're leaving on a week's trip like... in an hour or so, and someone hasn't yet finished her packing....

And in my haste, I almost forgot to congratulate my fellow detective. A toast for the hundred percent! *g*

Edited at 2011-03-01 07:53 am (UTC)
always follow your gut! ^_~ great job, though, seriously, i'm in awe. *claps!!*

ah, stillskies still had the pic you sent her, and sent it along to blue_cage, so she has that to start with. have a great trip! ^_^ ohman, last minute packing is a time-honored tradition!!

thank you very much!!
I learned that the hard way last round.... ^~

Anyway, just wanted to say big thanks to you for organizing this thing (and to the other mods, too, of course.) This was, once again, so much fun, it's great that blind_go is still going strong despite the changes.
Wow, I'm so impressed by the people who got them all right! I didn't have the first idea about any of them!

Looking forward to the next round :)
i know, me, too!! i was never any good at guessing. frankly, i'm happier being behind the scenes and not even trying anymore. ^_^;;;;

yay, we're glad!!
Congrats to everyone! I need to do something about my writing style, or switch up pairings, or something. I WILL FOOL YOU NEXT TIME AHAHAHA. XD

I think it was the pairing that made me suspect you^^ Last round I couldn't find you!

Edited at 2011-03-01 10:19 pm (UTC)
^__^ good luck with that! i'm never sure if it's good or bad to be recognizable, but it's fun to try to mix it up, anyway! ^_~
Thanks above all to everyone for all the fics and to the mod/s for the organisation ♥