Round 009 Reveal!!

Here it is, the big moment!! Thank you to all our writers, to everyone who read and commented, and everyone who had fun in chats and in kifu_archive. So, drumroll please!!!


Chunlan : flonnebonne
Fine China

Donggang : ojuzu
And Speak to Strangers [Crossover with Katekyo Hitman Reborn!]

Judan : trixie_chick
conversation starter

Kuksu : jedusor

Licho : viridian_magpie
Pining for the Fjords

Myeongin : onkoona
The Highest Stakes
Mirror, mirror

Nakano : verloren1983
Wish You Were Here

Nongshim : lacygrey
A World Without Go
A Piece of Cake

Okan : moonclaimed
Four Rivals Who Were Almost Good Enough

Qiyuan : meiface
Run Until
You Can't Trade in Life Without a Receipt
Things We Leave in the Dark

Ryusei : tarigwaemir

Siptan : ukefied
Memento Mori

Tianyuan : qem_chibati
Not Just

Wangzuo : aoyagi
Mochikomi NC-17

Yayi : penguin474

Yongda : issen4
Family Decisions
181 reasons
A goban's length

Zhonghaun : arccie
Change of Fortune
To Say Farewell

Big round of applause!!!

Best Guessers
Congratulations to lacygrey, with 7 correct out of 16 (43.75%)!! Nice guessing!
Honorable mentions to jedusor (1 correct of 16, 6.25%) and goldenrat84 (0 correct of 17)!! Thank you for guessing!!

ID Challenge
Congratulations to blue_cage, who correctly guessed that this round's IDs were names of professional go tournaments/titles! Great job!

Feedback Challenge
Congratulations to stirring_still, who commented to all 24 fics, and to elasticblue, who commented to 23 fics! Also, congratulations to lanerose, who commented to 16 fics! Thank you for your participation!!

Just as a note, this round had the most new authors since Round 005 with SIX!!! We're so thrilled that so many new people joined in, so thank you all for another fantastic round!

Thank you all for another great round, and close to 20,000 new words of fic. ^_~ Keep an eye out soon for a post with the prize banners (promise!!)!

Heh. Honorable mention for one correct guess. Go, me.

I've posted a longer, somewhat more sensible version of "Childish" on my fic LJ here. I'd appreciate it if the link could be added to the entry posted here.
hey, you guessed! and you had the second highest percentage of correct guesses. just goes to show, it's always worth guessing. ^_~

ah, i don't believe that we've ever posted links to revised versions, as the archive is for the works done for the challenge, understanding the deadline limits and all. however, people have opened up posts on kifu_archive to collect revised versions/discussions/reviews post-reveal before, plus you do have the link in the comments. sorry!!

thank you once again for participating!!
Hee~♥ Congratulations to all winners and yay for all the new people joining in~♥ (hey, first time I managed to be right in a guessing post without hints. Go me!)
thank YOU for participating! that's what makes it fun! ^_~

hee, and you're most welcome! just glad that people enjoy the icons. ^_^
Thank you to the mods for the awesome running of another successful round of Blind Go. :) It was a challenge for me to write Hikago again, but fun!