Round 8 Reveal!

You've heard about them, maybe even talked about them, but here they are...


Chiba & Kakazu : chaineddove & umarekawareru
The Obligatory Hot Springs Episode

Fujiwara : ukefied

Hino : corbeaun
A Newspaper Article

Ishinami : lindra
A Mast Without A Sail

Ishizuka : stillskies
The Secrets in the Silence

Ito : blue_cage
Search in each of your tomorrows

Iwata : macey_muse
Akari no Shousetsu

Kawakami : hkfoot
Five Times Hikaru Found Sai Again

Kitagawa : lanerose
A Change of Channels

Konishi : myaru
May Fifth

Matsuoka : bookshop

Mizuta : daisy_chan
HIKAGO: The Facebook News Feed Edition - Nigiri
Less Like Surrender

Naka : moonclaimed
Five Reasons Why Sai Coming Back in the Flesh Really Isn't as Great as Everyone Makes it Sound

Naya : measuringlife
Three Ghosts
To Be Shown The Seashore

Ono : ladyseishou

Suzumura : trixie_chick
Akiko's Scrapbook
Waiting for the King

Tahara : viridian_magpie
Princess, Princess

Takagi : invitan
The call

Takase : osmalic
Reaching for the Intangible Future

Best Guessers
oo1. lacygrey with 8 correct guesses out of 20 (40.0%)
oo2. invitan with 5 correct guesses out of 19 (26.3%)
oo3. viridian_magpie with 4 correct guesses out of 19 (21.1%)

ID Challenge
Congratulations to myaru, who correctly guessed that this round's IDs were seiyuu from the anime!

Theme Challenge
Congratulations to moonclaimed, with 11 points!! That would be nine clichés plus two bonus points, all right! Honorable mentions go to hkfoot at 8 points and invitan at 7 points!

Feedback Challenge
Congratulations to stirring_still and elasticblue, who both won the feedback prize by commenting to all 22 fics!! Thank you also to issen4 for commenting to 14 fics! Thank you to everyone for being so dedicated and diligent in their feedback.

Available prizes and the end-of-round poll will be up soon.

Thank you to everyone [writers, readers, betas, cats, monkeys, pokemon, asian idols, etc] for participating!
Thanks mods~~!!! ♥ This was tons of fun~~!! ♥ Ya'll rock. ^_^
Oh boy, I forgot about the time difference again.
Thank you, mods! I'm always impressed with how well-run blind_go is.
Thanks for round 08
Hi, this was my first time round at guessing blind go.

I greatly enjoyed the reading and detective work.

Thank you to everybody: the mods for organizing and authors for their writing.

I look forward to next time.