Round 007 Directory

Once again, Happy Hikago Day, which we celebrate here at blind_go with the ceremonial sharing of fic! This round, we have 12 of fics by 12 authors to commemorate the occasion!

Our Authors

chaineddove : paradox_fantasy

stillskies : paradox_fantasy

harumi : My hikago tags

hkfoot : here

lundi : my fic tag

lysythe : fanfic archive

metisket : here

mmmdraco : quotienscumque

trixie_chick : butterflychase

umarekawareru : paradox_fantasy

verloren1983 : vfic83

Our Fics

The Year Between

In Through the Ages

All the Pieces

[Jinta] & [Tashigi]
A Series of Less-than-fortunate Events

ten, chi, jin
An Approach to Tsumego

The Gentlemen's Operation

Pieces of Memories

Snapshots of Earth-J5

Indications of an All-Encompassing Plot

Greetings in the Name of God

Feel free to leave feedback for the fanfics by commenting on the posts! However, we encourage authors to keep their comments anonymous until the guessing is over (because seeing who leaves feedback can be used in the process of elimination).

ALSO, due to the mod's premature posting, this fic is being posted late, though it was turned in on time.

by caitlin_chan

The deadline for guessing is May 14th, 11:59EST. Please be sure to check that you're guessing writers who have actually submitted fics for this round; we've had incidents in the past where people have guessed writers who didn't submit.

Guessing guidelines

Please leave your guesses as comments to this post in the following format:

[ID] writer's LJ name

You don't need to guess for all the fics, only as many as you can figure out. You also don't need to leave all your guesses in one comment; you can comment with additional guesses. However, you can only guess one writer for each fic. In the case where you've changed your guess, the latest guess will be the one considered. You don't need to be a member of this community to guess!

All guesses will be screened to avoid unduly influencing other people with your opinions. You are free to post public speculations in your own LJ but please try to avoid doing so in blind_go itself or kifu_archive.

Please see this link for clarification on guessing. Some tips on how to get started on the guessing process can be found here.

Happy hunting!!

Please comment to this screened post...

⇒ if your name appears or does not appear on the author's list in error.
⇒ if there are any mistakes in the links to the fics, or if there is a typo or other small correction in your fic that you would like changed.
⇒ with the names of people who are not allowed to guess for your fic (e.g. betas, friends whom you've discussed it with, people whom you’ve verified your ID for in facilitation of your own guessing post, etc.).
⇒ with any themes used in your fic that you did not mention in your submission. Remember, any theme from any previous round is also available!
⇒ with your guesses!!


I am testing out this more streamlined version of the two directory posts, hoping that having both directories and all comments in one post will be more convenient for you, the community. If you feel this post is too crowded and confusing, please leave a comment, and if there seems to be a few people who feel that way, I will break it into separate posts. I considered this to be advantageous due to the way I personally use the directory posts, and am not in any way intending any malice to the system. ^_~ Thank you.
Uhm, I got my fic in on time, but it isn't here? Unless it's because it ended up being TBC? (There was no way I could finish my plot in anywhre near 3500 words, and, well, I had no time to finish my plot before the deadline? XD)

Either way, I just want to know. ^^;
i'm so sorry. i had to post a few minutes early, as i said in the previous post, so i lost your fic. i can still add your fic, but it won't be eligible for guessing.

i'm so sorry!!! .___.

Will it not be eligible for guessing because it's TBC? Or because it wasn't posted with the rest? Because if it's because it wasn't posted with the rest, that doesn't seem fair; I got it in on time, and I can't see why it getting posted a little later would make it ineligible for guessing?
it's because it would be obvious it was yours; you'd be the one whose fic was added late. it's not your fault, it's mine because so much came up that i had to post early.

sorry!! once again, though, i can still post if you like. please let me know, and i'm very sorry.

also, sorry for needing to edit. two hours of sleep is bad for my brain. =/
Oh, I didn't think of that. Sorry I was snappish - today has been truly awful, and I was really excited about this round of BG, so it was like the icky icing on top of the awful cake.

I'd still like it posted, though - I'd like people's thoughts on it.
It's my fault. Things were getting away from me... I'm sorry your day was so icky. lots of great fic to read???

your fic is up, and i've edited this post. after dinner, i'll post again to make sure no one misses it. ^_~