The Reveal!!

A mini-drumroll for the mini-round reveal!! ^_~


[Chikun] - goldenrat84
The Lion and the Dragon Fighting for the Crown

[Eiju] - trixie_chick

[Eio] - daisy_chan
On the High Seas

[Kaiho] - liangzian

[Kaoru] - stillskies
In Which Akiko Knows Everything
In Which Yoshitaka Dreams of Taking Touya Out
In Which Kouji Wants to help, but Accomplishes Nothing
In Which Seiji Tries to Help, but Kuwabara Still Wins
In Which Shindou & Touya Figure It Out. Finally.

[Katoh] - lundi
Social Studies

[Kimura] - blue_cage
420 Yen
The space between
Impossible to ignore you
Broken Troika

[Maruyama] - shiorikazen
Limitless Sky
Ever Forward

[Masuda] - mmmdraco
Sick Day
The First Drop
Put One Foot In
Things That Happen

[Meien] - akira_chan
Perfect Trust Warning, NC-17

[Moriuchi] - harumi
A Meeting
A Change
A Birth
A Lesson
An Acceptance

[Nakahara] - aoyagi

[Oyama] - issen4

[Riichi] - macey_muse
Somebody Else's Cothes
Sai vs. the Sandman

[Shukaku] - verloren1983
Standing at the Edge of the Earth
Keeping Warm

[Sonjin] - readerofasaph
Walk These Winding Ways: i
Walk These Winding Ways: ii
Walk These Winding Ways: iii
Walk These Winding Ways: iv
Walk These Winding Ways: v

[Tanigawa] - lanerose
Every Beginning
Spring Memories

[Tsukada] - ukefied
I. Hikaru
II. Akari

[Yonenaga] - chaineddove

Best Guessers
1. flonnebonne with 2 correct guesses/19 possible (10.5%)
....That was it!!! Well, a HUGE thank you to flonnebonne for giving it a shot!! Good work!

ID Challenge
Congratulation to uminohikari who was... HALF right!! The IDs were Honinbou and Meijin title holders.

Feedback Challenge
Congratulations to uminohikari, who commented to all 19 of our authors! Thank you also to issen4 and lundi, who came in second and third place, respectively, for being so dedicated with their feedback.

To all of our winners, we'd like to offer you a banner or an icon as a prize!! Please reply to this post with your preference, and we'll supply as quickly as we can!

Thank you very much to all of our participants, everyone who wrote, who read, who commented, everything! We're very pleased that you made this mini round such a huge success.

We look forward to seeing you all again next round!
:O I must have chosen only the Honinbou title holders when I was checking my answer ^^;
^_^ that was easy to do, since they were all mixed up.

so... would you like an icon or a banner...? ^_^;;;
I guess if you fire off 19 mostly-random arrows, 2 of them might hit their targets. 0_o

I was only sure of ONE guess, and it turned out to be wrong. Drabbles are so hard to guess!
hey, that's the truth!! ^_^ better to fire, then, right?? and yeah, that's how it always is for me... the ones i'm sure of are almost ALWAYS wrong! drabbles don't give you much to go on, i know. ^_~

would you like an icon or a banner?
doumeki is working on your icon! she may have already contacted you. i just didn't want you to think we'd forgotten you. ^_~

Hello! Sorry that this took me so long. T_T

Anyway, I have three for you; feel free to use the ones you like. ^^;;

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Also, is it okay if I make these shareable when I post my next icon post? If not, let me know. ^_^ And if you want text added to anything, let me know that, also!
Yay, three awesome new icons! Thank you so much! I especially love the first one...the subdued colours work so well.

Yep, it's fine to make them shareable. Don't think I need any text on them, but if I think of something in the next day or two I'll let you know. :)
♥ I'm glad you like them. ^_^ I really like the third one myself, but just because I like the way the eyes came out. XD;;

Okay. ^_^ Let me know if you think of anything!

Glad you like them!
You know what's funny about this? I didn't end up guessing due to computer issues (*kicks it*), but I had made a few notes as I was reading... I had both Kaoru and Yonenaga down as "Maaya/Sherri". XDDD I probably would've mixed the two up in the end, if I had guessed, but it still kind of amuses me that I was right. Had to share. :P
ack, sorry for your computer issues!! =X but... guessing is hard!!! ^_^ clearly, it's very hard, so no reason not to just... take chances! but, hey, you had a 50/50 shot of getting two right, at least??? ^__^ not bad!