Fic Directory!

Now, without further ado, here are the fics for blind_go round six, featuring 27 fics by 22 authors. The smut fics, for those who wish to skip them, have been labeled as such.

Painted Lips

Befitting Legacies

[asabuki] & [miyashita]
In Which Fantasy Meets Reality and Does Not Survive SMUT

The Solemn Truth About Go

Plaza Suite SMUT
Same Time, Next Year

But I Have Promises To Keep

The Day the World Held Its Breath

Good Hands SMUT

Endgame‘s Turnabout SMUT

Blind Desire SMUT
An Experiment With Chocolate

Excerpt From the Memoirs of Life and Death

Coalesce SMUT

The Silence in Games

Hotel Starlight SMUT

Akira no Soccer

Three Teachers in the Art

Lines (for go and manga)

Dance, Dance, Fail
For Forever SMUT

Serious Business SMUT

Thursday‘s Child

Madonna SMUT

A Familiar Pattern

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