Clarification on Guessing

There have been some questions raised about working together when it comes to guessing, and we thought some clarification was necessary. Thus a short FAQ:

1. Is paired guessing allowed?

All guesses must be made separately. The mods won't limit who you discuss guesses with, as long as such speculation is through private channels (ie: IM, email, personal LJ) rather than public forums such as kifu_archive.

2. Is confirmation of guessing allowed?

NO. If you have knowledge of who the author is, whether it is because you were a beta, had the author confide to you, or are the author, you cannot share confirmation or guesses of IDs that you have concrete knowledge of. This is different from discussing guesses that you are unsure of, which is allowed. Violation of confidentiality is grounds for disqualification from blind_go guessing.

Other questions about guessing procedure or protocol may be addressed in this post.

I must have misunderstood somehow! I'm sorry, I thought I saw a few people doing the same, so I've already confirmed a couple of people's guesses in my own journal / guessing post. Should I send you a list of who these people are?
Yes, please! I apologize for any misunderstanding. Confirmation on guessing posts generally occur after the reveal, or so it's been for the preceding rounds.
No, no, it's totally my own fault. I should have asked for clarification first. I'll send you an email right now! XD;;
Thank you for the clarifications!

Please disqualify me from the guessing prizes, but I'd like to try for bragging rights.

Edited at 2008-05-12 03:32 am (UTC)