Here are the fics for blind_go round five, featuring 51 fics by 38 authors52 fics by 39 authors.

Up, Not Down

The Mean Ones, part 1 and part 2

Fishes to Wishes

Lost In the Woods


Gates of Hell
Made to Measure
Watching the Stars

Live Tonight
losing games

ignis fatuus
In Like a Lion


One Chance
Stargazing By Picture

Gone Falling

Healing Hopes


A Fairy Tale

Five Ways Fujiwara no Sai Might Have Existed (And One He Did)

Greatest Number Ever
St. Elmo's Fire


The Super Secret Diary of Ogata Seiji

This is Not Another Love Story

[koyasu] & [adele]
Hikago no Hentai: Let's Talk About Sex


Interruption, Estrangement and Distortion, part 1, part 2 and part 3

[leopold] & [dirnt]
The Three Months Known As Summer

As Petals Open To The Sun

A Resolution of Territory



Operation Film Nase

Pieces of an Uneaten Bento

Five Men Waya Never Loved (And One He Always Would)

The Nightingale

Down This Road


Blind Woe, part 1 and part 2

Baku ~The Dreameater~


The Cure for Boredom

God Fingerprints

Reflections From a Tin-Foil Moon
Will You Be My Rival?

affaire de coeur

Getting to Know You

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Psst... I was trying read wollheim's entry, but it's coming up with the "Error - You are not authorized to view this protected entry" message. Just FYI~
It should work now. The initial txt submission was corrupted, so we had to wait for the author to send another one. However, it is up now and unlocked. Enjoy!