Plain text tutorial

Starting from this round, we're asking that all stories be submitted in plain text format. Plain text means that the text is saved without any formatting, which means you must abide by our guidelines to include HTML tags for any italicized, bolded or underlined text.

The easiest way to save your story as a plain text file is to write it in Windows Notepad or Mac OS X TextEdit and save as .txt file. If you prefer to use a word processor like Microsoft Word, at the Save As dialog box, choose the option that says "Plain text (.txt)" or "Text only with line breaks (.txt)" from the Format menu. Another option is to use Google Docs to write your story and go to File > Download file as... > Text to generate the file.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need further clarification.
Is this the one time I'm grateful I've always worked with text files? This is the one time I'm grateful I work with text files! ^_^

P.S. Tari~ the poster arrived! Thank you so much~ *_*
I always work with txt so I'm happy to see this. However, the last time I sent a .txt (for fifthmus) the lines ended up breaking, rendering the fic unreadable in a comfortable way.

All I wanted to say, though, was that if this happens, let me know and I will send another. ^_^

Edited at 2008-04-19 02:24 pm (UTC)
Hey, I have a question! o/

Should I send the info of the e-mail body (the fic title, my id, word count...) in the .txt file, too? Or I need to send only the fic text--without the title or anything else?

Sorry that this question is so dumb... ._.'
Sorry for the extreme belated response, but you need only send the fic text in the file (but if you want to include other info, that will be fine too).
guys, this is such a last-minute question, but my dilemma is this:

the fic is done, I'm waiting on possibly a final once over from someone, but I have to leave now and I will be spending the entire day on the road, driving. On the off-chance I don't get back to a computer before the deadline, I'm going to be submitting the fic now. but if I do get back before then and have some edits to make, can I re-submit it?
If you can resubmit it before, uh, 3 AM PST, then the edits will be accepted. (I will probably still be posting until then, so it should be relatively easy. Though if that's the case, you should probably submit the edits to me directly rather than silvermuse89.) I should probably add as a note to anyone who might be reading this comment that this only applies to edits and should not be considered a potential deadline extension...

Oh, and I should add that we also open up a post with screened comments so the authors can specify minor edits and corrections to their fics, so you may also get your edits in then.