Here are the submissions for the special fanart round of blind_go:

[anchi] The Learning Curve, for Lonely Rolling Star by zoesque
[dohan] Exhibit A for A Neo-Romantic Illustration of High School BL Clichés by meiface
[gechu] Possession for Stone Capture by issen4
[hosoi] Take My Hand for Blind Go by aishuu
[koetsu] Raccoon for An Incomplete and Cursory List of Hobbies Shindou Hikaru Has Attempted by zoesque
[manabe] Yakuza Akira for A Season of Black Chrysanthemums by corbeaun
[sansetsu] The Cat Who Played Go for Five Notes on Several Improbable Events in the Life of Touya Kouyo by huabot
[sesshu] Shadow of the Other for Shadow of the Other by ladyseishou
[shima] Talking on the Phone for There and Back Again by tarigwaemir
[tenyu] Scholastic for The Brief and Abridged History of Ko Yongha by chaineddove
[togan] A Thousand Firefly Sparks for Evening on the Ground by sangoire
[---] Hajime no Ippo for Five Notes on Several Improbable Events in the Life of Touya Kouyo by huabot

Guessing guidelines

Please leave your guesses as comments to this post in the following format:

[ID] artist's LJ name

You don't need to guess for all the fanart, only as many as you can figure out. You also don't need to leave all your guesses in one comment; you can comment with additional guesses. However, you can only guess one artist for each fanart. In the case where you've changed your guess, the latest guess will be the one considered. You don't need to be a member of this community to guess!

All guesses will be screened to avoid unduly influencing other people with your opinions. You are free to post public speculations in your own LJ but please try to avoid doing so in blind_go itself or kifu_archive.

To help you in your guessing, the list of artists who submitted is here, complete with links to their other work.

Please do feel free to leave feedback for the fanart by commenting on the posts (especially if you're the writer of the fanfic being illustrated)! However, we encourage artists to keep their comments anonymous until the guessing is over (because seeing who leaves feedback can be used in the process of elimination).

The deadline for guessing is February 21, 11:59 PM EST! Please be sure to check that you're guessing artists who have actually submitted fanart for this round.

Please email silvermuse89 at silvermuse89 at gmail with the names of people who are not allowed to guess for your fanart.

In addition, we will be holding a chat tomorrow evening, on February 15, in celebration of this round! Please check kifu_archive for further details.